Wednesday, August 5, 2009

oh selena


Well Selena and the rest of the WOWP cast (sup David Henrie? You like to party?) hit up NYC the past few days to promote the upcoming Wizards movie airing at the end of August. Of course I was all up on that being in the city and all, but Selena seemed to be really off when I saw her (and apparently the next night too). People seem to think she was drunk, but she was with her mom and Jennifer Stone who I don't think would allow that to go down. She just kept stumbling and the second night apparently had to be held completely 'cause she couldn't walk on her own. I think baby girl is suffering from some crazy exhaustion and hopefully she can get some much need r & r now that she is back in LA tonight. Also the second day she refused to take a picture with some creep and he called her a fucking bitch to her face. Poor girl. Hopefully the TCAs will bring her some love 'cause she needs it right now.

*Sorry to anyone who is epileptic for this picture

PS: This is exclusive content. Don't go posting or quoting this anywhere else on the internet. None of this is definite facts either just what I observed/heard about.


Anonymous September 20, 2009 at 10:02 PM  

you dumb hoe! selena wud never be dronk! i cant belive u would write something like that! dumb bitch!

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