Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kidz Bop 16 LOLZ @ BRI

First of all, the new commercial for Kidz Bop 16 is like so effing amusing to me. THE WAIT IS OVER. So you need to watch it below. Their version of 'Circus' is priceless, and the blonde kid at the end needs to chill the fuck out. Word to the wise, you'll never be a Sprouse twin. Remember, "It's about my music"

Secondly, I was so confused by this "LOL" song. I spent so much time looking for the original, pop version and was so like flabbergasted that I didn't recognize it. At first I thought it was some rap single from Trey Songz, but my intuition told me it was not the original. JOKE WAS ON ME. The song IS the original. Kidz Bop exclusive, from some chick named Sinai Rose. I know right? Listen. You'll dance.


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