Monday, July 27, 2009

Joe Jonas is done with Camilla Belle

As you can see in the beginning of this retched song he changes the lyric "superstars" to "movie stars" since we all know there is nothing super about Camilla. This is actually this first time I was able to enjoy this song and maybe will stop protesting it at their next show... just maybe. Besides this video Perez and some guy from the Cab that tried to eff Demi tweeted about it this morning. More importantly the only source I truly trust, E!News, has now confirmed it.

What a beautiful way to start the day. Also during last nights concert he apparently cried. What a pussy. I only expected this behavior from Nick when giving his long winded diabetes speech or Kevin when he breaks a nail. It also caused a ridiculous amount of fans to tweet #weloveyoujoejonas to the number 1 trending topic. In addition a lot of them said that they were crying for him. One was even shaking because she felt so bad. People really need to calm the eff down. He's clearly too big of douchebag to be that heartbroken or have a heart. So can we all just praise mufasa the devil is gone!

UPDATE: If you need some good lolz here's a video of him crying-


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