Sunday, July 19, 2009

An Honest Mischastake at Cedars-Sinai

Well it's happened. The girl of my dreams has gone crazy officially. It's okay, it makes things steamier. Only a few months ago was I dancing with Mischa Barton at some club in London with one of those Geldof girls and that guy from The Mighty Boosh. Sure, she looked distant as she texted away in the corner, but I didn't suspect that she would be involuntarily submitted to the psych ward at my favorite hospital ever, Cedars-Sinai. One day I aspire to be there for some reason too.

Shoot me in the face

There's no real official word on why she had some mental breakdown. Her new movie Homecoming apparently sucks, but I'm sure I'd love it because her and Jessica Stroup just go crazy and hate each other in it. She best shape up though, for that Beautiful Life CW weirdness that is happening. (Is it not weird that everyone I have a boner for is ending up on CW? I mean...Ian Somerhalder too).

I can only imagine what the breakdown was like. I wanted to find a clip of her throwing pool chairs on THE OC, as that's how I imagined it went, but for some reason no one else thinks that scene was phenomenal.



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