Thursday, June 11, 2009

'What Did I Do To Your Heart?' + More Jonas

Okay ever since the previews I always have this song stuck in my head. I love the chorus. The rest is okay, but i have decided this is my fave jam (because Before The Storm is not jammin' enough). It could be more country though, but I will settle for this. Anyway in addition Black Keys (boring, okay the chorus is kinda sweet, but I just love Nick), Hey Baby (funky), Don't Charge Me For The Crime (ooooh yeah get it, get it), Turn Right (sweet), Poison Ivy (no, just no), Don't Speak (likes it). I am pretty sure everything but Keep It Real has officially leaked so feel free to email me for the album minus that asap. I have to catch a flight though so it may be a little while.


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