Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Taylor Swift is a normal teenager girl OMFG

(best tswift pic EVER)

So while looking through Joe's Single Ladies video comments on OceanUp to see how people actually thought it was funny/could actually sit through the whole thing I found this screencap of comments Taylor Swift alledgedly left a friend way back in '05. I don't know if it is real but with the pictures and all it really seems that way. Now I will NEVER write a bad thing about Taylor. If these are in fact her then congrats to her for being a real teenage girl. Maybe this actually means she will smoke a bowl with me one day (seriously she would make the best stoner ever). I just thought this would be something cutting edge and I have yet to see it posted elsewhere so ty random anon commenter on OceanUp who probably just has mad photoshop skills and wanted to stir up some drama. Oh well it's a good laugh none the less.

UPDATE: So the original poster just further proved their point by linking to the girl's actual comments. Looks like it's real and Taylor is just a normal teenage girl again. Lovelovelove no matter what.


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