Saturday, June 20, 2009

'Princess Protection Program'

Princess Protection Program premiers Friday, but it has already leaked online and if you are like me and have Disney On Demand you can watch it there now as I just did.


- First off, Is Demi anorexic in every movie? She may cook, but she doesn't even eat her own food. I feel like this is Camp Rock all over again. Taking any chance to get out of a meal. Did she even take a bite of that burger?
- I am glad Demi mastered a few laguages, but I am pretty sure Coasta Luna is south of the border and the way she talks is no Latino accent. I don't even know what accent Demi is supposed to have in this movie.
- Demi's acting is better than I expected. I think she is better at drama than comedy, but she is still a bit over the top, which is something that really bugs me in actors. Really love her more as a singer.
- Nicholas Braun is such a cutie. I am pretty sure I am the only person that thinks so, but he is all tall, lanky, and awkward, which i love. Though he kinda needs a hair cut in this movie (not anymore). And who had the brilliant idea to gel back his hair for the homecoming seen? Endless LOLs there.
- Aw they all just want to make a difference. How touching. I actually like this moral way better than most Disney movies. I am actually enjoying this more than most DCOMs especially since there is not any moments that are hard to watch/gave me second hand embarrassment. Even when there could've been that moment Selena and Demi were just too badass for any of it.
- Madison's cameo!! and older woman fashion judges all in one montage to 'One in the Same' was possibley the best part of the movie.
- I didn't expect 'Two Worlds Collide' to end off the movie, which was a pretty cute surprise. The whole ending was pretty cute. I think I definitely has a 'aw' moment. I would say it's only downfall was lack of closure relationship wise. I am pretty sure Nick/Selena ended up together, but they didn't really have that final together moment with speech or at least a kiss. Besides that I feel like the movie was pretty spectacular. I would certainly reccomend it.



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