Monday, June 22, 2009

Polo Punches Perez -- A Dream Come True


It's an event that probably could be played in the theater of my mind. Perez Hilton AND Lady Gaga, two pop icons that I absolutely despise, were at some night club in Toronto called Cobra earlier this morning.

The Black-Eyed Peas were there, and Fergie and got in some argument with Perez. The whole fight was denied by (perhaps he was only there in holographic form?), although the whole thing was instigated by Hilton in the first place who called a "faggot" and said he "did not need to respect him". In response to the whole thing, Hilton said Peas' tour manager, Polo Marino, punched him in the face. Marino graciously turned himself into the police, and now is expected in court on Aug. 5th to face the assault charges.

This was a long time coming stupid fat slut who is a disgrace to whatever community he wants to belong to. If one reffered to my LivingSocial "Top 5 People You Want To Punch In The Face" Facebook application, you would see that Perez and Gaga are listed. So now, the question is why did Marino miss the other queen?


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