Friday, June 5, 2009

Miley is the special guest on Before the Storm

Officially. Though I said this the second a special guest was announced so now both my JB album predictions have been confirmed, but this one is a much better confirmation. I wish the whole song would just leak already. Today is the day of song leaks so let's do it. I am so glad this happened. I clearly cannot wait for the whole thing.

UPDATE: You can listen to new clips of all their songs here. Clearly a few people have gotten a hold of the album so I feel a leak of the full thing coming on soon. I know I said I would post a link here, but I don't wanna get in trouble. Email me or myspace message me when it does though.

UPDATE2: These are all from so it may not leak soon, but I still have a feeling it will. Disney or just Hollywood Records does not have the best track record so I am banking on sometime this week.


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