Saturday, May 23, 2009

Zac Efron Goes V-less?

So does that 'V' stand for Vanessa or vagina?

When I was traipsing about the Star site for the Shando piece, I noticed a little headline. "Zac & Vanessa: He Wants Out!". Not out of the closet (yet), just out of the relationship. Of course, this is Star and everything is based on a "source". What I found most interesting was this little caption:

"It's not surprising that Zac — who's said he'll never marry — would choose his career over his romance with Vanessa, 20, since he's tried to put the brakes on their juggernaut of a relationship before"

Never marry? The clues are adding up in my favor. But really I don't know if i feel so comfortable about him splitting from Vanessa. At least with her I knew he was kept secure, until you know...I came along. But now he'd be free range.



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