Friday, May 29, 2009

Taylor Swift on the Today Show

So I am going to say I am an extremely dedicate Taylor fan and this whole post may make me seem crazy, but I love her and she is the only person I would do any of this for. So I get to the today show to stand in line at around 1 am. I am not too far back in the line, which is nice (though not really a blessing i will later learn). Anyway I meet up with someone around 3, which makes time fly by and we make friends with some other people in line, which was pleasant. This is all boring I know you can just skip ahead to the next paragraph where I actually talk more about Taylor. Now first they let in all the fan pass people who got there like around 5 or 6 and they get good seats as well as the VIPs, but they us who have been standing for hours get stuck in the back section where we can't see a thing. Of course at this point it's pouring rain so everyone has their umbrellas up so nothing can be seen. Luckily it cleared up by the time she performed and i was able to see pretty much her eyes and her hair. But you know what. I love Taylor so it was worth it. I really wish I could've met her again though. Oh well June 14th, here I come. Also I was right behind Al Rocker when he did the weather for a bit which was cool even though I looked like hell.

Taylor's performance was amazing. No duh. She performed four songs (only three were shown on TV though). Before that she also sound checked Love Story like 10 times. I don't think I am even exaggerating.But during her last song, Our Song (posted at the top), I was featured for a second at 0:19. Here is a screencap too! I am on the far left. I feel so cool.



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