Saturday, May 23, 2009

Shando 101: Ruining Lives is Great

There is a mystery. You've seen her name here before. You will see it again. She is a seductress that lives alone in her giant home. She is an intellectual who dines at Nobu. She is a mastermind who can rip your life apart in a second. You may think this Shannen Doherty is a bitch, but take a look in the mirror, you are not attractive...and your husband doesn't think so either.

The bigger mystery is why I haven't got my hands on the May 25 issue of Star Magazine -- oh wait, because it's ugly. This issue took an "in depth" look at Shando's homewrecking career. So she's with married photographer, Kurt Iswarienko -- who is currently divorcing his fashion designer bride, Taryn Band. Julian McMahon, her Charmed co-star, also fell into the pit of Shando (and who could blame him) ruining his marriage with Baywatch actress Brooke Burns.

The real story is what lies in the past. In Melissa Gilbert's new memoir,
Prairie Tale, Shannen becomes a target of misappropriated youth. Gilbert lies some blame on Doherty for her split with ex-husband, Bo Brinkman. Back in the days of Little House it turns out Doherty thought Gilbert was awesome, like a role-model, but we've all seen Heathers and I don't think Shando's play for power in that film was all that much of an act. So the excuse was, she slept with Bo as an act of like emulation or something, or was it really and All About Eve turning of the tables. The key scandal here is that Shando MAY have been underage. Gilbert isn't so hot anymore. Shando is. Team Shannen forever. Case closed.

But the mystery of Uncle Velvet is still open...



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