Tuesday, May 26, 2009

more prop 8 bullshit

Today is a sad day for me personally one of the reasons being Prop 8 was upheld by the California Supreme Court. Anyone that knows me should know that even after the Obama victory where down the street thousands were celebrating all through Union Square, I was freaking out over the looming results of Prop 8. At a point I was even in tears. Gays are pretty much in my top 5 things I love the most. My sister is, my best friend is, I have been to pride for the past 4 years and will go again this year also I plan on planning my sister's wedding and that very well can't happen if Prop 8 is upheld. I was so hoping the California Supreme Court would make the right desicion, but of course they didn't. The fight is certainly not over though and hopefully things will change in the near future. Also I am really happy for celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Heidi Montag for being religious and still voicing their pro-gay marriage opinions and sticking to them even when a bunch of uptight moms write angry letters. Though really can some pyschic just tell me when it will be overturned since I should book a hotel about a year in advance? Lovely.


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