Monday, May 25, 2009

Miley kisses a dog

and Josh's dreams come true. If only I was spamming his facebook again this would be perfect. Let me tell you why. Once upon a time we were having a "dinner party" aka Katie and I went over to his house and order Chin Chin (dim sum and then some mmm) and we were hanging out in the hot tub and he tried to convince Katie to make out with his dog, which of course she didn't because she has common sense. Another time Barshop and I thought it'd be funny to spam Josh's facebook so when he logged in he would have a rediculous amount of notifications. Of course he deleted a bunch of pictures of girls with hairy armpits or something that Barshop posted BUT he did not delete the half naked pictures of Miley I posted because well he totally is a creep and liked it. To his defense though he is the same age as her current boyfriend so it's not that bad.... In other news I am really digging Miley's outfit. She is so qt.


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