Friday, May 22, 2009

Lucy Hale on How I Met Your Mother

Talk about irrelevent, but since there is pretty much no new TV on I am watching series online/on dvd, so right now I just caught Lucy Hale's episode of How I Met Your Mother. I was not planning on making a post about it, but there was this amazing slideshow where she was like a crackhead (Mandy-style) so I had to screen cap it and share it with the world aka Bri and maybe Tai. Oooo ryhme.
Way hot. No, really. Anyway another thing about this show is it also features ex-boyfriend (last I heard) David Henrie. I am kind of confused about their relationship entirely. They dated for a long time recently broke up, got together, then broke up again and last I heard she was dating some guy from the new Fame who seemed like kind of a douchetard, but her and David still remain friends from the looks of her twitter.
I don't know. It seems flirtacious, but who really knows minus them. I am rooting for them though, but even if they don't mad props to them for being able to stay friends after such a long relationship especially so soon after. They are so drama free. I don't understand it quite, but it's sweet and they are both cute so idc if it might be boring.


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