Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kansas Skank! 90210 Caps It's First

...and so does Annie.

This 90210 Season Finale was full of plenty of excellent drama. Oh, Spoilerz btw. Anyway, so like Adriana had her baby, which was fine and all...and like when she goes to see the baby, she is accompanied by the most inadequate nursemaid--there is like a room full of screaming babies and she is sitting on a chair reading a book. Also, why is this baby not being born in Cedars-Sinai like any respectable Bev Hills babe? I guess it's not respectable since Adam Gregory signed over the adoption papers, yeah he made an appearance, just in case it was too hyper-sensitive of a subject for him to discuss on his twitter. The most important appearance however was Shannen Doherty, in a trippy dream sequence (also in real life but that's boring), where Mr. Walsh is dying (wtf?) and she is Cleopatra playing with a Chinese dragon. Looks like someone on set has a fetish to have made this happen...

Meanwhile, Dixon and Ethan are fighting over Silver. Dixon is a baby. Lori Loughlin and Rob Estes are getting high off a pot brownie, and like Briesca is convinced that Lori has never actually been high. Someone should get her stoned please. Liam is cute. But the BEST part, is when Naomi falsely accuses Annie of sleeping with Liam (why he likes her we will never know). It doesn't matter that Naomi is wrong, all that counts is that everyone at West Beverly hates her and berates her, including a splash of water in the face. In her overacted "rage", Annie calls the cops (oh shit! so tough girl!) and then she steals a bottle of vodka? She hits a bear or something fat and hairy, and is creepily followed by a convertible we are going to pretend is Dylan McKay's. It's great that no one at West Bev likes this bitch, so why can't they get a hint and just get rid of Shanae? If this demon-ridden face isn't reason enough...

Last but not least, since we're fresh and up as a blog I'd like to introduce "Sounds like Sex", something I hope to frequently feature. Easy enough to describe: clips that can be misconstrued with a sexual connotation.

Sounds Like: Harry stealing Adriana's virginity, rocking her hard, and she isn't ready.
Reality: Harry enjoying his dirty brownie juxtaposed with Adriana's labor pains.



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