Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Jonas Brothers Are Coming

It seems like the Jonas Brothers are always coming. Bri and I were all over the sexual innuendo when they kept updating their twitter saying they were coming. Actually I am sure if Bri saw their most recent update he would @reply them something obscene, but he has yet too do that. Anyway now IT'S COMING. When I clicked the pic I expected a picture of a penis, but apparently that's a little against their image and instead I got this:
OMG REALLY THEIR MUSIC VIDEO PREMIER IS COMING??? I HAD NO IDEA!!!... Oh wait no I did because they won't shut up about it. Clearly they just want this to be successful unlike the epic fail that was their 3D movie and their television show, but you know what it's not gonna be. Sure people will watch, but when their album comes out it's not gonna do well. Most people including myself will just download the alsbum off the internet. Hey I will even post the link here to make it easier for anyone who may want it and yet again they will get owned (or "poned") by their ex-girlfriends. Also I am really digging this picture because Joe and KJ look like back-up and Nick is all centered and special maybe because he's the only talented one.



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