Friday, May 29, 2009


I am sorry for the lack of updates. Bri was has been consumed by television and well I have completely effed up my sleep schedule in order to see Taylor Swift (luckily Grease 2 has awaken my senses), but more about that later. This post is strictly JoBros. I was gonna write about this while I was watching their live mildly incestuous chat, but I can't really pay attention while writing so I kept it 'til now. Oh and just a side note about the chat how hilarious was Joe and Nick constantly shutting Kevin down?

Anyway the album preview. I am just going to go in order that they did so first up World War III. Clearly since it is Nick's song and about a girl who keeps having an one sided fight aka hello Miley Cyrus Seventeen interview. The song itself doesn't really do much for me either way. Maybe it'll grow on me, but as of now idgaf. Next up is Fly With Me. I actually like it. I should probably listen to the whole thing since it's leaked and all, but alas I am lazy. It's cute though. Now Poison Ivy. I thought this song would be good. I like the title. But no. This song is awful when it came on the live chat I was laughing so hard I could hardly breath. Like what are these lyrics even? It's so very Pizza Girl. That being said it will probably end up as my fave purely because it is so awful and awful JB is the best JB.

Hey Baby. First song title stolen from the much better No Doubt, but honestly this song is pretty good. Catchy. I like it. Again feel like it's about Miley, but who knows? Now for the song I am most excited about, Before The Storm because there is a special guest and I am putting my money that the special guest is Miley Cyrus. It better be. It will definitely help them sell albums. I really don't know who else it could even be. If it is her this will be the best song on the album if it isn't I will be very upset. Now What Did I Do To Your Heart? is not bad, but I have no idea how this is country influenced. As a country fan I was hoping for something that actually resembled country, but I just don't hear it beside the violin and adding some country violin randomly in the chorus does not make the song itself country. Maybe the full version it's more apparent, but it really just looks like all that jizz is going to KJ's head.

I am not really convinced 'Much Better' being Joe's song and all about the fans? With the subject matter and all I am sure it is about the lovely Miss Swift and well not the meanest song, but Camilla is no better Joseph and I can't even get into that. Taylor Swift is perfect. Joe Jonas is a huge douchebag. The song itself though seems kinda sweet and like it was pulled out of the Wedding Singer soundtrack which makes me enjoy it, but then the description killed it so I am torn. Black Keys is a name of some indie band that played Coachella last year and so really I just think of them when I hear this song and I was not super fond of them and I am not super fond of this song so full circle. Don't Charge Me For The Crime features Common. I love Common. That Please Let Me Testify song was my jam and well as a hip-hop fan I feel like this will be my favorite song on the album. Though I don't know how I like him collaborating with JB I love him enough to let it go and enjoy the song. Hopefully they won't wreck it completely. Turn Right is a sweet song. Doesn't do too much for me either way. Next. Don't Speak, second song title stolen from No Doubt and there's is so much better. No duh. Really don't care for this song much at all. The end.

BUT BEST NEWS ON THIS LIVE CHAT IS 'SWEET CAROLINE' WILL BE PLAYED ON THEIR UPCOMING TOURS. I mean really it will be no Neil Diamond, but that song makes me happy on so many levels. Seriously his performance of that at the Grammys was my favorite part (very closely followed by Miley and Taylor's duet) where I actually cranked up the volume and sang and danced to it on my couch.


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