Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jenna Elfman is alive

Who knew? Now this is seemingly extremely random, but up until yesterday I forgot she existed and I was flipping through channels and she was a guest star on some crappy sitcom being syndicated and I was wondering to myself what ever happened to her? And this morning my question was magically answered while checking twitter. You see I recently decided to follow this guy from Entertainment Weekly who has all the official dirt on the Upfronts aka what's new, what's coming back, what's canceled in the TV world (this is how I also found out first about Privileged's official cancellation which I may talk about later when it will not just be an angry rant) and today he told me CBS had picked up a new Jenna Elfman sitcom. Upon further inspection I found this LA Times article with a little snippet of the plot:

"Accidentally on Purpose" will be the network's only new half-hour comedy... Jenna Elfman plays a movie critic who gets pregnant after a dalliance with a younger man.

I would say I would watch the show just to fill up another half hour of my life, but more than likely I will just forget and end up watching episodes on a plane one day. Though if is younger man is like 16 (which I recently discovered is legal is most states!) then maybe I will watch. Gotta study them cougars for my future lifestyle....

Now in other CBS new series news there is going to be a new medical drama called "Three Rivers" (what an awful title) costaring Katherine Moennig from one of my favorite series The L Word on which she play the ultimate lesbian Shane. This seems to me fairly odd so of course that means I will watch, BUT to me by just hearing the title it's already jumped the shark.


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