Sunday, May 31, 2009

JB kisses & misses

Okay minus the misses. I just wanted to use Bri's number one goodbye phrase. Speaking of which is you have seen or heard from him let me know. I fear for him sometimes. Anways here is the Jonases talking about kissing girls. OMG *giggles*

Jonas Brothers spilled kissing secrets to BOP. How can you tell if a girl is a good kisser? Joe: 'By her smile! I was hanging out with this girl and she had the best smile. The eyes and smile can tell you, how they feel about you. I think any girl that has an amazing smile is amazing!'

Should you plan ahead about kissing on a date? Nick: 'If girl is too forward on a date, it's a little bit of a problem. Just go out and have a good time, the rest will come naturally. Just be chill.'

Kiss on the first date? Kevin: 'I advise waiting because you want to make sure it's right. I've learned that and that's how I live my life now.' Feel free to discuss why Kevin is always out with Sarah Everhart and not Danielle.

I hate to agree with Joe, but smiles are something that is very attractive. Though idk if people with good smiles are actually good kissers. I think it is more about lips (no duh) and whether you like 'em bigger or thinner. I have no idea how a good smile could really = good kisser. I get it in the how they feel about you but again that doesn't = good kisser. Nick is perfect moving on. Kevin, oh KJ... You wanna wait because you want to make sure the moment is right? Or is it really because you don't really like girls? Was the moment finally right with Danielle when you took her atop those rocks and called a bunch of paparazzi and kissed her so the world would know you liked girls and actually care about your life for .2 seconds.


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