Monday, May 25, 2009

it's all GREEK to me

That is possibley the lamest title ever, but unlike Bri I would rather just post things when they are fresh instead of waiting 829332049284 years to think of a brilliant title. Also sorry for the awful picture it was the only thing that fit and that was big enough on google images. Anyway back when I was home for spring break my sister (the ultimate TV addict) introduced me to Greek and since then I have gotten pretty into it especially since it is one of the few TV shows still going on right now and I need my fix. Tonight's episode was severly disapointing because I really don't care about the geeky brother and that girl I can't stand AND more important Cappie and Casey have the most sexual tension ever and they didn't make out and it pissed me off. They need to eff like now and she needs to dump that homo she is dating right now. The end.


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