Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Grey's Finale

I am late on this and it is probably complete irrelevant by now, but you can blame this on Bri because he doesn't watch the show so I had to wait to catch up until now. Yesterday when I was supposed to be working I had to go call my sister to mourn the death of Privileged, but of course she didn't care and we started talking about other TV and how it hadn't been confirmed whether Katherine or T.R. were coming back next season or not. I had yet to see this episode (duh!) so I asked if it was even possible. She completely confused me by telling me both or one may have died. Now I knew this was likely for Katherine's character Izzie, but coming into this I expected some crazy shit. All in all it was kind of boring episode minus the ending, but I'll get to that later. The whole "wedding" was boring maybe that's because Meredith and Derek are like the Peyton and Lucas of this show aka I don't care about them at all. Dr. Bailey's whole thing was interesting as well. And Eric Dane is super hot. And that's about it for everything else.

The ending... Now I know what my sister was saying and I need to call her the second after I finish this to discuss because WHAT THE HELL?! Now the strange part for me is when I first watching the show (which I stopped watching after season two up until this season because it was up against The OC, which was/is my life, and was part of the reason it got cancelled so I hold a huge resenment) I always wanted Izzie and O'Malley to be together, but then that happened and it was boring or so I heard and they are now better as BFFs because her and Karev are perfect for each other, but with that ending it's almost like full circle esque, which I liked despite the extreme sadness I felt. I doubt they will live. I think it will be kept under wraps whether they will be back next season even, but I hope they can't get out of their contracts because they are two of my favorites especially Izzie.

This episode also had some amazing guest stars that very little people probably cared about, but I was, well, amused by them. First was Paris from Gilmore Girls. At first I did not even recognize her, but when she gave a speech, I did. It was very strang to see her in another role, but she was really good. Actually this was not as amusing as just interesting. The other guest star, on the other hand, was very amusing being no other than Lindsay from season two of The OC. I never liked Lindsay at all, but her existance/career amuses me especially in the great TV movie, Spring Break Shark Attack (which I still have taped on a VHS back in LA). Also her storyline (or really just her side of it) was boring, irrelevent, and not moving so AWESOME!



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