Monday, May 25, 2009

First Look at TWIST mag

So last Friday I finished my Spring internship at TWIST Magazine. It was bittersweet, but before I left I got to snag the latest issue, which should hit stands soon. Not sure when because I really never cared to ask, but yeah here is a sneak peek. I really wish I had the letter they send out to all the news sources detailing what's in the mag, but I don't so here is a sloppy version of what's featured:
-What celebs do when they get out for summer/what they are excited about
-Gross pics of Camilla and Joe looks all lovely dovey so if you need to purge you can
-Some New Moon stuff idc
-Taylor Lautner sucks at flirting
-Selena feeling pressure to be perfect
-Jonas family gaycations probably to their second home to the Bahamas
-Celebs feeling insecure about wearing bathing suits
-Summer parties how-to
-Princess Protection Program behind the scenes or something
-More stuff I don't feel like typing out like horoscopes, which told me to go bike, but I can't even ride a bike so thanks for that!

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Ont the table of contents page right next to the picture of Debby Ryan is my name under interns. The first one. So yeah check that out.

Also they are having some Jonas concert contest in which the likelihood to winning is pretty slim unlike ours!!! Check it.



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