Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fer Sure, Fer Sure: The Takeaways - Sweet and Sour

K, so I'm also going to introduce this 'Fer Sure, Fer Sure' segment (see Tiffany's smash hit "Mr. Mambo" to get the reference) where I showcase an 80s music video...seeing as how I am probably just one giant 80s jizzfest (Esca, in a probably calmer manner).

Today: "Sweet and Sour" by the Takeaways, well like it's actually sung by someone else, but who was for this Australian show about a fictitious 80s New Wave band.

This video features crazy animations, that I think is a perfect translation of how I see the world (who saw that 30 Rock episode?). I don't think this video has any particular message to get across, except that they were way ahead of the curve on eco-safe driving. The most important thing to takeaway(...hahaha, old man joke) from this video is the crackhead dance moves of the short girl in the neon green at :43


P.S. Esca has chosen our "main pic" to be one where I look like an obtuse angular freak, so just so you readers are all aware, I'm not so frightening. In fact, I am fun.

<----Fun (maybe gay.)


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