Thursday, May 21, 2009


so today I decided to get out of bed and my apartment and go lurk the CW upfronts. Of course I have yet to be an insider and am not able to get inside, but I keep up to date on all the upfronts news so I will give you all the deets before giving you a rundown on my celeb encounters and who the biggest douches are.

WHAT WAS CANCELLED: A bunch of things are not coming back. Well two that I actually care about and there's also Reaper and all the remaining black shows from UPN, but whatever we knew those were coming. First off as I have mentioned before I am extremely upset about the cancellation of Privileged. It was witty and had good plot lines and was my favorite new show last fall. Seriously they could've cancelled every other CW show (minus Gossip Girl) and I would've been fine, but no. They broke my heart and I will forever resent Dawn Ostroff for that. The second show that I will be forever mourning is Stylista. The poor production value, the crazy contestants, the niece it was all perfect or should I say FABULOUS!

WHAT'S COMING BACK: 1. 90210 which at first was not a fan of but since Silver went crazy it's gotten good. Also having Brenda and Donna back in my life makes me extremely happy. 2. Gossip Girl. Love this show, loved the books (which I read all of and I never read so this is a big deal), love Chuck/Blair, excited for next season. 3. America's Next Top Model with short girls. I should've auditioned but I am not crazy enough. Hopefully someone good will win this season, but no one will ever compare to Alison. 4. One Tree Hill. Chad Michael Murray is leaving the show. Have no idea how they will pull that off. I don't even know why I watch it or why it is still on air. 5. Supernatural & Smallville. Don't watch, don't care.

WHAT'S NEW: 1. Melrose Place. Never watched the original so am not that excited. I am sure Bri can shed more light on this show. 2. Beautiful Life. This is about models or something. I don't remember but by the title and Mischa and Sarah Paxton being on it I am sold. Though Corbin Bleu is also on it which I find strange. Hope he plays gay. 3. Vampire Diaries. I feel like this is just another chapter in the Twilight craze so not too excited. At least Bri can have an hour to mbate to Ian Somerhalder. 4. Parent Disgression Advised. I have no idea what it's about it's gonna be a mid-season replacement. I like the title.

8 Gossip Girl
9 One Tree Hill

8 90210
9 Melrose Place (NEW)

8 America's Next Top Model
9 Beautiful Life (NEW)

8 Vampire Diaries (NEW)
9 Supernatural

8 Smallville
9 Top Model encore

Now for my experience with the CW stars. First to come out was most of the 90210 girls. Shanae I don't think even signed an autograph or like smiled. She is a bitch and I will stick to that forever. Jessica Stroup was pretty much right in front of me and I asked for a picture, but she said she was sorry and couldn't because she was in a rush, which she was so I thought she was fairly nice. Then the 90210 boys well the returning ones (peace out Dustin Milligan) like posed and took pictures and were pretty nice. Beautiful Life cast or at least Sara Paxton and Corbin Bleu came out they seemed pretty nice. I like her so I will to continue too, but they were kinda boring as was the Melrose cast. Ashlee was pretty nice but her manager or publist or whoever was super rushing her. Now for the sweetest cast of all, Gossip Girl. Jessica and Ed were rushed they were still pretty nice. Leighton and Chace were too, but they were kind stuck right by me so Leighton agreed to take a pic and I am pretty sure I was the only one there that she took one with, which was pretty cool. Chace like smiled at me after that, but def not like a flirty smile because I do not have a penis. Blake and especially Taylor signed for everyone. That made me like Blake better, but still hate Serena. Penn was also pretty nice, but not that many people noticed him because his beard made him look like a crazy homeless man.



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