Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Breaking Up With Mitchel Musso

On my way to RiteAid today to pick up some sketch prescription (and be pandered by the senile lady at the cash register who squawks "You wanna buy a watch!?!") I was listening to Ryan Seacrest. He's hot, but his opinions - not so much.

He doesn't think Miley Cyrus should be dating Justin Gaston -- the age thing? Of course he needed a more valid celebrity opinion to make the situation seem unright, and this was found in the mind of talented, young musician Mitchel Musso. Apparently, Musso likes Gaston, but thinks Miley should be dating someone her own age. Sorry Mitchel, it's more likely that you're hot single "The In Crowd" will be the summer's new club hit before you can bed Miley.

The treasured bike from the famed Barbara Walters interview plays third wheel (lol) to the cute couple.

Seacrest continued the argument predicting that as Cyrus makes her way to Savannah, GA to film The Last Song for three months, the couple will be unable to handle the long distance relationship. Sorry guys, but I'm gonna rest on saying I'm a fan of the couple. Maybe Seacrest and Musso should date and learn the life of age-dispersed dating.



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