Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Idol Sucks

So I don't watch the show. The finale is tomorrow. Let me actually correct myself. I DID watch the show. I have watched the show in past seasons, but apparently America like good singers. Originally I did as well. But by Sanjaya season or possibly an earlier season when I was having jungle fever and voted a ridiculous amount for some guy I thought was hot and a good dancer I was done with the singing. I wish the rest of the world had a sense of humor, but no everyone takes this comepetition so seriously. This season was the worst disapointment for me. I decided to watch do to my severe tv addiction and I was pleasantly surprised when Norman Gentle showed up. He was hilarious and actually not a bad singer and he made it all the way until the fate was in America's hands. Of course America decided to be a bunch of douchetards with sticks up their asses and he got sent home (even after I voted for two hours til like 1 am since my phone is west coast area code when I had to work the next day). So since then I have protested this crap show (except for Kellie's performance which I snuck into watch with my mom because Kellie Pickler is amazing no matter what anyone says). In conclusion I hope god strikes them both down and Norman ascends from the heavens and wins. Here's a video montage my sister made of him and Jennifer Hudson.



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